My Story

Hi and welcome to my happy place. my name is Jessi Heifets and I'm a painter, UX designer, and much more..

living in Ramat Gan, Israel (next to Tel Aviv)


I have always loved painting and creating all kinds of art, it just brings me so much happiness and helps me to relax


​After many years with all kinds of side business if it's making jewelry out of Fimo or a DIY YouTube channel I finally started painting on pots. In the beginning, it was only a hobby and I didn’t think I will stick with it. But then I got so many good comments from people around me that I decided to go for it and to open an Etsy shop.


After a year on Etsy, I realized I want to give my customers the best price I can and I can’t do it on Etsy as they have high commissions, so I decided to open my own website :)

I love the fact my art brings happiness to your homes as it to me

and I hope you find here something special