How to make triangles concrete planters – DIY

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

How to make triangles concrete planters – In the last year, the concrete became very trendy, The raw appearance of the concrete is simply beautiful.

So instead of going and buying concrete planters I will show you how to make a concrete planter.

The materials you need:

Concrete Water Disposable box or anything else to mix the concrete in Disposable sticks, knife or spoon or anything else you can mix with Cardboard Utility knife Sellotape Pen or pencil Box, bottle or anything else that could be the center of the pot Stones Three skewers or sticks

Not must:

Sanding paper 2 gloves

let’s begin… Print and cut triangle shape to the desired size, with a pen or pencil, draw ten triangle shapes on cardboard and cut them. Glue the triangles together with Sellotape

After we have the model ready, place it on cardboard, draw the outline of the base, cut and glue it to the model

Prepare the concrete Pot on the gloves and in a plastic box mix the concrete powder and the water, start with a small amount of concrete and add to it until you have the amount that fits into your model.

The concrete should fill ⅔ of the model regarding the concrete texture, I like it more as a paste

Now you take the Box or bottle that go’s to the middle of the planter Make three holes pot inside the holes the skewers or sticks and some stones and push it into the concrete model

Let the concrete dry for two days Two days later, peel the cardboard and remove the box

And here we have a concrete planter!

If you want the concrete planter to look more smooth, you can polish it with Sanding paper to get the look that suits you

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