How to make Flower vase half glass half concrete

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

I was always missing a small vase that could stand on the living room table without taking up much space but also looking good.

So I searched the Internet and found inspiration, saw similar vases and decided to try to make one myself.

I used an old drinking cup that I bought in IKEA really long ago, you can also use a jar or any other glassware that you see fit.

You’ll need…

Cement Water Disposable box or anything else to mix the concrete in (medium size) Disposable spoon or anything else you can mix with Scissors Sticky tape Disposable Cup Plastic paper – I used a plastic divide ring binder Glass cup or glass jar – I used old IKEA cup

Take the plastic cup, cut it so it can go upside down (with the bottom-up) into a glass cup.

Glue the plastic cup with a few pieces of Sticky tape just so you don’t move much.

Take the plastic divide ring binder and cut it to the desired height and it will not exceed the height of the plastic cup we have inside, otherwise it will be very difficult to put the concrete in there. Paste the plastic paper outside the glass, which it wraps around.

Prepare the concrete, the ratio of cement and water is 1 on half (cup of cement + half a cup of water)

Prepare as much as you think is necessary. I put a cup of cement over half a cup of water and it was too much, but it’s ok you always can do a few more things ..

Once the concrete is ready, transfer it to the space we have between the inner plastic cup and the outside plastic.

Leave it to dry for about two days.

After it’s dry you can remove it from the mold.

If you have leftovers of Sticky tape on the glass that’s fine, you can wash it in the sink with a cleaning pad and dish soap.

Good luck!