How to make concrete door stopper – DIY

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

How to make concrete door stopper – prepare yourself it’s so easy and beautiful

I saw a lot of concrete DIY’s lately, and I decided to give it a try

The materials you need:

Concrete Water Disposable box or anything else to mix the concrete in Disposable sticks, knife or spoon or anything else you can mix with One empty juice or milk carton box Utility knife A nice rope 1 stick

Not must:

Sanding paper 2 gloves

let’s begin… Cut the juice or milk carton with a utility knife to the height you want, wash and dry it.

Prepare the concrete Pot on the gloves and in a plastic box mix the concrete powder and the water, start with a small amount of concrete and add to it until you have the amount that fits into your milk box.

The concrete should fill ⅔ of the milk box regarding the concrete texture, I like it more as a paste

After the concrete is ready you pour it into the milk box, fill ⅔ of the box and ⅓ should stay empty.

You should give a small Beating to the box from the side to make the concrete in it even.

Take the rope and with the stick push it inside the concrete model Clean the stick and pot it inside the rope to hold it

Now just wait 48 Hours

After 48 hours peel the box and we are done!

Tip: most of the time the top part is not even, is you like it like this it’s fine but if not you can polish it with the sanding paper to make it looks like you want

good look

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