How to make Concrete dogs food bowl

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

When my dogs eat, they move their food bowls all over the house. No matter how many bowls I’ve changed over the years, it’s always the same story. And then I thought why not make them concrete bowls? It’s much prettier and I won’t find their food bowls in the living room anymore.

It was very important for me to be able to get the bowl out so I can clean it and the concrete part will be more like “stand” for the bowl.

The materials you need:

Cement Water A stainless steel food bowl Round plastic bowl ( Bigger than the stainless steel bowl ) Disposable box or anything else to mix the concrete in (medium size) Disposable spoon or anything else you can mix with Box with stones or something heavy to place inside the bowl Sticky tape Paper Wrap Abrasive paper

Not must:

Acrylic Paint Brush

Prepare the concrete, the ratio of cement and water are 1 cup of cement and half a cup of water For my size, I needed four glasses of cement and 2 glasses of water.

Mix water and cement until we have a solid texture without lumps.

Pour the prepared concrete to the plastic bowl.

Cover the stainless steel bowl with paper wrap and put it into the middle of the plastic bowl with the concrete

Place the box with the stones and glue it all with a sticky tape that won’t move.

Now we wait at least two days till drying up.

If you have a tray on which you can work, it will be much more convenient to transfer everything from place to place.

After it looks dry, you can remove the bowl from the concrete and give it another 24 hours to dry up.

You can poor water on the model for a few more days, people say it strengthens the concrete.

After we’ve removed our concrete bowl from the plastic, you can start to make fun and arrange all the parts that don’t come out “perfect” with abrasive paper

I also decided to give a final touch with acrylic paints.

Take sticky tape and glue on the concrete, choose the colors you want and just paint It’s always better to paint 2 layers to make the paint come out sharp and beautiful. When we’re done with the paint, you can take over the sticky tape and let it dry.

Good Luck!