How to make a concrete pot with a silicone mold

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

I found on Aliexpress these silicone molds for concrete and I decided to order one and try it, to see how really easy is that and if the quality is nice.

I will add all the links to the molds I found in the end.

The materials you need:

Silicone Mold Cement water Mixing tool Mixing ball where you can mix the concrete Sandpaper – optional

Preparing the concrete.

my silicone mold was very small so I needed only half a cup of cement and quarter cup water.

The ratio of cement and water is 1 in half (a glass of cement + half a cup of water)

Mix until we have a uniform texture without lumps and pour into the mold

Then give a few small blows and “shake” the mold so that the bubbles of air come out. Now, wait at least 24 hours to dry.

After it looks dry, you can remove it from the silicone mold and give it another 24 hours to dry completely.

After the planter is completely dry, you can sand it with a bit of sandpaper to align the corners or parts.

Now all that is left to do is plant a small plant or use a plastic plant Good luck!

That’s the Silicone mold I bought:

Here are a few cool molds I’m thinking of buying: