Fun Paint Art Project for kids and babies

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

From the moment Neil was born I’m just waiting for him to be big enough for us to paint and play with colors together.

As of today, he is one year and 8 months old, and we are already going wild with colors, markers and all sorts of nonsense at home. I just did not really get a picture of it until now. So I decided it was a shame not to photograph and not share with you all that.

So I wanted to start with something that did not really get dirty, and you could do with babies too.

You’ll need…

Canvas for painting Acrylic paint Plastic wrap

Take the canvas and colors, place on the floor / table or whatever you like. Put colors in all kinds of canvas and cover with a plastic paper.

Notice not to tighten it too much that the colors will not be completely crushed

And now just let our baby play with it and smear the colors whatever he wants.

After it is finished, remove the plastic wrap and let it dry for a day or two.

To add a small touch I took white acrylic and a brush and just broke a little on the canvas after it dried up.

good luck and have fun!